New friendships and new collaborations!

We had a lovely evening meeting art writer and critic, Dominika Mackiewicz who kindly introduced us to Tsukiyo To Syonen in Japan with whom she has her forthcoming micro residency.

So far away from us in Birmingham, yet so close in concept, we look forward to learning more about this lovely gallery, their events and artists.


We support the creative development of artists, and promotes exchange through arts and music programs. The first place was established as an independent gallery in 2008 Osaka, Japan. Many emerging artists have held experimental and superior exhibitions. The place had played a role in not only a gallery for exhibition, but also for performances, workshops, and concerts. After quitted having specific space as a gallery in 2012, Tsukiyo to Syonen has started to organize arts programs in all around the country and abroad."

Marcin Sz