Magdalen Jasiak on Welcome to Room Art - Third Edition!

We are really excited that we will exhibit on Welcome to Room Art - Third Edition new work of artist Magdalena Jasiak

"Magdalena Jasiak – a visual artist, specializing in installation, video, and sound. Magdalena’s long-lasting interest in arts began in her teenage years. Her first exhibition was only at the age of 16. Deep held memories of the past continuously inspire her work

Her artwork generally acts as a self-therapy tool that allows her to deal with ensuing difficulties. She often uses her work to expose her inner self to the viewer.

Born in Poland, now based in Birmingham UK, she energetically popularizes the art cultural scene through numerous agreements as a freelancer as an assistant curator or exhibition coordinator.
After completing the HND in Fine Arts in 2015, she is continuing her BA degree in Fine Art at Birmingham City University."

Marcin Sz