Natasha Brzezicki on Welcome to Room Art - Third Edition!

We are really excited to announce that we will exhibit at Welcome to Room Art - Third Edition beautiful works by Natasha Brzezicki from Coventry!

Natasha Brzezicki graduated from BA Fine Art at Coventry University in 2017 and subsequently undertook a six-month graduate residency at Airspace Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent. This culminated in a solo exhibition in February 2018. Natasha is based in the West Midlands and currently has a studio at Airspace Gallery.

Artist statement:
I am interested in the notion of the artist as a translator, a mediator between scientist and the layman. My practice is interdisciplinary and often closely related to the scientific study. I document by collecting data, objects and readings from the land whilst recording personal response to time, space and place. Concerned with language, birdsong, natural soundscapes and musical notation, I use methods of translation to investigate our relationship with the environment and to other species. Collecting, identifying and categorising act as methods by which to subject nature to human notions of order. I am currently working with sound visualisation and sourcing natural pigments, whilst considering cultures of display.

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