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This Friday at Stryx:

"How many times as a kid did you see the shapes of people in the clouds?

People are Clouds is a painting exhibition by Francesco Polazzi. 
This solo-exhibition explores the perspective that the cloud perfectly mirrors the changeability of the human personality. 
Contemporary painter Francesco Polazzi welcomes the representation of people as clouds, through fusing the figurative components of human and animal forms, alongside spirited abstract patterns and flattened vibrant colour. 
The process of capturing this unique notion in oil paint displays the manner in which Francesco regards people and clouds alike- explaining the relationship between the continuously changing shapes.
In this striking series of works, in which are most characteristic to his artistic journey, Francesco invites the assumption that people in fact, as clouds, are for many aspects invisible; in his mind they are a 99% amalgamation of thoughts, emotions, ideas and sensations. 
The bold compositions permit an insight into his imaginary world, where people and the world reveal themselves to the observer in a comically light-hearted, but at the same time, deeply mysterious way.

Francesco Polazzi
Francesco Polazzi is a painter based in Bologna, Italy. Francesco discovered his passion for painting when previously relocating from Italy to Birmingham and later attended the Fine Arts Academy in Birmingham. Working primarily in oil paint, Francesco uses the motif of the cloud as a TAG. Through this way to identifying himself, the cloud within his imagery substitutes the faces and the bodies of people. His work takes on a human valence so far unexplored"

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