Scape: EIF and Xhosa Cole at Cafe Artum - Bootleg

Scape: EIF and Xhosa Cole at Cafe Artum - Bootleg


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EIF are two Polish born electronic music producers now based in Birmingham UK. Starting out in bands and experimenting with early electronic software allowed them to experience music as something much more fluid than the traditional methods of composition.

EIF (Earth is Flat music) was born in 2010. Their aim was to make a non-generic style of music; using field recordings, traditional instruments and collaborating with people who share similar values.

The name "Earth is Flat" was chosen to provoke people to think, as even the most basic of our beliefs can come into question.

In 2015 EIF were signed by Bit-Phalanx Records and released their debut album "Away From Here And Now" and in 2016 single and video "Bom Bolenath".

Regularly performing across the UK, their endless energy and creativity means no performance is the same, while collaborating with a wide range of highly talented live musicians, gives their sets it’s refreshing style and timbre.

Having shared the stage with artists such as Plaid, Kelli Ali, Luke Vibert, Coppe and Fungstorung and having performed in some of our favourite venues such as Proud Camden and Old Blue Last in London, Hare and Hounds, MAC Birmingham and The Rainbow in Birmingham, EIF have been named as one of the most exciting emerging artists.


Xhosa Cole

Handsworth-born Xhosa Cole is part of the established legacy of Birmingham Jazz saxophonists founded by Andy Hamilton. As a saxophonist, Flautist, Composer and Producer, Xhosa has played, studied and collaborated with a range of formidable musicians from around the world.

Xhosa is an embodiment of the success of numerous music outreach programs within Birmingham. An active and established member of the Birmingham jazz scene, Xhosa can often be found watching and playing at all the must-watch performances in Birmingham. Now more than ever, Xhosa is striving to connect with his rich heritage and incorporates this into his art.