Driven by curiosity of the conversation and what occurs within that symbiotic dance, the observed intimate space, the sharing of information of course; yet this is just a surface.

Things manifest in the moment but there is an opportunity to take something away which continues to emerge and evolve long after the last word is spoken, the front door is closed, and the locks turned after the final guest leaves the building.

Host is a new program of one hour talks hosted by Julie M Oneill in conjunction with Room Art.

To be held once a month, on a Sunday, with an invited guest and a small audience.

The sessions will be recorded for Room Art Podcast collections.

Subjects may span across the Arts, Sciences, Philosophy (Contemporary) Nature (and anything else in between).


Julie M Oneill

Julie M Oneill is a UK based Multidisciplinery Artist who favours a responsive and multifaceted approach to producing work, utilizing Sculpture, Photography, Video, Sound and Other, the work explores such themes as: social fabrics and histories, familial relationships, experiences of architecture, philosophy of space, and text as sculptural and poetic form.

The work incorporates an investigative and collaborative approach with a need for Deep Listening in order to locate philosophical remains and residue from social activity as material to inform process and enrich engagement with others.

Julie has produced work for Live Art events, Exhibitions both Nationally and Internationally,

Co-ordinated Arts in Health programs in the community, participatory projects in educational and community settings, lectured in Visual Communications and Fine Art subjects and acted as Mentor to other practitioners.

Julie was born in Cleator Moor in 1970, originally studied Fine Art Sculpture at Wolverhampton School of Art and an MA in Fine Art (with Contemporary Philosophy) is due for completion mid 2018