Music Table


Many years ago...
under a starry filled sky, 
in the darkest, 
depths of Somerset 
on the Moor of Aller, 
in a tin box on wheels 
with straw for horses, 
I played an old piano. 
And I loved it.

That love led to a lot of places, and one of them was the love of playing and sharing folk music. Around a basket, around a bale of straw, or be it around a table. A beer in hand, or a mug of tea for me, and a folk tune under the fingers, it's wholesome for the soul, and I would love to come back to that...

From aged 11 - 17 I played in the Bridgwater Folk Dance Band playing for dances, weddings, festivals and all sorts of events, every weekend, school by day on Friday, playing by night, home, dinner at midnight with random TV programmes on mute so it didn't wake anyone up... then just hours later, Saturday school, work in the pub, piano practice, playing in the Band, home and another late night dinner with muted TV.

Somewhere in those memories and in those fingers are years of folk tunes...I'm looking forward to seeing what I can rediscover in the new year and hope you'll join us...

Kind regards